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Which type of microphone is the best DSLR microphone? Buyer Guide

DSLR microphone definition

Before we talk about the best DSLR microphone, we need to first make it clear: what is a DSLR microphone? A DSLR microphone is a special type of mic developed to run smoothly with a camcorder or a video-enabled DSLR camera. It is an external microphone, expected to be lightweight and easy to get attached to the DSLR camera



Reasons to use DSLR microphone

If you has an intention to take your audio quality to the next level, you may need to think about buying a microphone for your DSLR. This is because most of the built-in camera microphones capture and deliver sound that is bearable but not decent.

DSLR microphones vary by shape and size. Certainly speaking, most of the video-makers are aware of the benefit from using an external mic for their video cameras, that is, the improved audio quality.

The built-in microphones for DLSR are not that professional and sometimes there are some pre-settings for gain and other adjustments, hence not allowing customized sound. Some people may even use their phones’ instead of the inbuilt microphone for DSLR to pick up the audio if the distance is not that long.

In one word, getting an external mic for your video camera is never going to hurt your recording and is going to get beyond-expectation results.