New in 2022-LENSGO 518C A portable wireless lavalier microphone with variable colors, suitable for mobile phone shooting, short video, radio, noise reduction, live broadcast, reverb function, dual-receiver device

Every new product release of the Lensgo audio R&D team will bring innovation to users and the market. Let's take a look at what this time brings to you?

    The long-awaited LENSGO518C, a portable wireless lavalier microphone that can be changed in color, is suitable for two-person radio equipment with mobile phone shooting, short video radio, noise reduction, live broadcast, and reverb function.


    Where is it good!


double radio,

Double-click Noise Reduction,

Double click on the reverb,

Comes with charging case, 9 hours on a single charge

Comes with different color rubber sleeves

       What difference does the Lensgo audio R&D team bring to users?

1. There is no need to download the APP to automatically match the code. Plug and Play

2. No need to buy more packages to directly meet the double radio, one for two

3. Double-click noise reduction, simple operation, reduce ambient noise

4. Double-click the reverb to meet the entertainment live mixing effect

5. Comes with 8 different color plastic sleeves randomly. Change the appropriate rubber sleeve according to the color of the clothes to make the video more engaging

6. The appearance is actually the shape design of the receiver. The white product is equipped with several different colors of rubber sleeves to meet the color matching of different clothes of the media people, so that the audience can feel more immersed in the video content. It is very convenient to bring a charging box. For users, it can be used for 9 hours at a time, without the design of the built-in battery in the charging box. More functions and usage scenarios are waiting for you to discover, please see the picture introduction

  Randomly presented 8 different color plastic sleeves





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