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1 second folding of Lensgo Lang poetry TC7 teleprompter in 3 seconds

Lensgo Lang Teleprompter TC7 was released in the International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on July 7th!!  


Do you have such trouble?  Shooting video, doing interviews, personal explanation, live with goods, forget words stuck, incoherent and so on  


Have you ever seen the teleprompter that can be folded in one second? It is small in size and easy to store. It does not take up space even if it is put in the bag of a little sister  


What's so good about it?  


Folded easily in 1 second, compact size can be put into a backpack  


Equipped with a device expansion interface, you can expand the installation of microphone, filling light and other shooting equipment  


Multi-specification lens connecting ring, suitable for a variety of lenses in the market  


The bottom 1/4 screw mouth can be installed on the handheld tripod, camera tripod, lamp holder and other supports  


Exclusive text playback APP can control text content font size, playback speed, pause, background color  


With Bluetooth remote control, the APP can be controlled for page turning, pause, adjustment, font and background color switching and other operations.  


Support camera, mobile phone recording, mobile phone tablet can be used  


Applicable to VLOG short video shooting, oral broadcast programs, media interviews, personal explanation, live sales, online class recording, etc